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Athlete Defender has handled countless high-profile cases over the years. We are extremely passionate about NCAA athlete representation, and you can rest assured that we will advocate fiercely on your behalf if you engage our firm.

NCAA Athlete Attorney for Dismissal and Suspension Disputes

When you are a student-athlete, it can seem as though coaches have the final word when it comes to dismissals and suspensions, and there is nothing you can do about it. In reality, people are sometimes suspended or dismissed unfairly, and you may have legal recourse if you have been a victim of an improper dismissal or suspension. Moreover, you have certain due process and appellate rights that many student-athletes fail to exercise. We would be more than glad to speak with you, gain an understanding of the situation, and provide you with the appropriate recommendations. Any communications will remain confidential.

Scholarship Reductions and Withdrawals

An Athlete Defender NCAA lawyer for athletes can be engaged to provide advocacy if you are involved in a scholarship dispute. A scholarship reduction or withdrawal can yield devastating consequences, and we fully understand the fact that the stakes are high. We have assisted many clients who have been in this situation, and we can guide you through this complex and often frightening process.

Drug Testing

If you feel that you may have experienced a wrongful outcome of a drug test administered by the NCAA or your college or university, you have a right to challenge the results. This process can be complex and the outcome of a positive test can seriously impact your eligibility. Our firm has assisted student-athletes with challenging contested drug test results. If you believe you have received a false positive result or that you have been wrongfully accused of ingesting a banned substance and you wish to appeal, please contact our firm.

We Are Here to Help!

These are a handful of the different types of scenarios that can call for NCAA athlete representation, but there are many others. Whenever you need a highly experienced NCAA lawyer for any reason, call Athlete Defender at 305-856-4044 to schedule a consultation. If you would rather send us a message to make the initial connection, simply fill out the contact form on this website.

Professional Athlete Advocacy and More

Jason Setchen has worked with many professional athletes in all aspects of legal representation.  Jason is not a sports agent and does not provide contract advisory services with respect to professional contracts.  However, Jason has represented professional athletes in disputes with coaches, teams, and leagues and has handled player disputes against agents.  Jason has also successfully handled and defended professional athletes in investigations and administrative disciplinary actions brought forth by teams and leagues.  Athlete Defender advocates for athletes at all levels including at the professional sports level of the administrative process.

About Athlete Defender

Many times athletes find themselves being treated unfairly and feel as though they do not have “a voice” or independent support when encountering a disciplinary or administrative situation with their school, conference or an administrative governing body or league like the NCAA, NFL, NBA or other sports league.

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