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Many times student-athletes find themselves being treated unfairly and feel as though they do not have a “voice” or independent support when encountering a disciplinary or an administrative situation with their school, conference or an administrative governing body like the NCAA. In many cases, when things get complicated, coaches and/or athletic departments do what they perceive to be in the PROGRAM’S best interest and do not concern themselves with what may be in the best interests of the student-athlete. Every student-athlete should have his/her own professional and experienced advocate to guide him/her through this intimidating and complex landscape when a serious compliance situation occurs.

For many student-athletes, their ability to play college sports and compete is the single most important thing in their life. For the elite amongst competitors, their dream of achieving financial security can be placed in jeopardy when a compliance issue is mishandled. Therefore it is critical that student-athletes obtain an experienced attorney to advocate for their interests.

Jason was a standout athlete in high school and was a walk-on football player at the University of Miami as a Freshman. Jason also played football in Sweden while studying at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. It was through these early experiences with sports that Jason decided that he wanted to work in the sports environment and advocate for student-athletes.

As an attorney and advocate, Jason has been working with athletes at all levels for over a decade. Jason prides himself on his vast experience and in having handled a wide array of high-profile and complex issues facing student-athletes at all levels including high school and the NCAA.

Throughout his legal career, Jason has worked as a trial lawyer and has assisted countless male and female student-athletes and their families across all sports concerning a compendium of issues impacting student-athlete life and eligibility.

Jason has previously handled issues including, but not limited to:

  • FHSAA and NCAA administrative appeals and collateral legal proceedings if/when appropriate;
  • Assisted student-athletes and institutions (on behalf of athletes) in the filing of hardship petitions and other administratively based appeals and waivers;
  • Represented student-athletes in wrongful or contested team/school/conference/NCAA suspensions and dismissals;
  • Represented student-athletes in improper and/or contested scholarship reductions or total withdrawals of scholarship funds;
  • Provided student-athlete advocacy in all types of internal administrative proceedings unique to the student-athlete including investigations run by internal compliance and by the NCAA;
  • Assisted in protecting the rights of student-athletes and their families in full-scale disciplinary investigations conducted by colleges, the NCAA and law enforcement;
  • Provided counseling and legal support in connection with student-athlete based transfer and scholarship release rights and contesting of unreasonable transfer restrictions;
  • Defended student-athletes in connection with disputed drug testing results whether said testing was conducted by the institution, conference or directly by the NCAA through Drug Free Sport;
  • Provided advocacy for student-athletes in situations where a coach or coaches are acting inappropriately or abusively towards a student-athlete; and
  • Provided general counsel and advice in connection with many of the unique issues that arise at various phases of the career of a student-athlete to the student-athlete’s family members and directly to student-athletes.
  • Assisted student-athletes with all aspects of the transfer process.
  • Assisted student-athletes in contested NLI (National Letter of Intent) Release Matters.

Jason’s body of work as an advocate for student-athletes has been well documented in the media and has involved individuals currently or formerly competing in most of the major NCAA conferences including but not limited to the ACC, AAC, Sun Belt, Big Ten, SEC, Conference USA, and the Colonial Athletic Conference. Jason has also worked in conjunction with several athletic departments while serving as an advocate for student-athletes.

Jason has also served as a contributor on legal issues and provided NCAA related commentary on a wide array of sports issues for the Miami Herald and for other popular media outlets. Jason also regularly serves as a panel speaker at sports symposiums and was recently a guest speaker for the National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) the Legends of Sports Symposium in Cancun, Mexico and has been a panelist at the University of Miami’s (FL) Sports and Entertainment Law  Symposium as well as serving as a panelist at Chapman University College of Law’s Sports Symposium held in Los Angeles, CA.

If you or a family member is a student-athlete that has an issue which requires legal advice or advocacy, please contact Jason Setchen, ATHLETE DEFENDER, at (305) 856-4044 to schedule an appointment or send an e-mail inquiry to


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Many times athletes find themselves being treated unfairly and feel as though they do not have “a voice” or independent support when encountering a disciplinary or administrative situation with their school, conference or an administrative governing body like the NCAA.

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