NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness Lawyer (NIL)

NCAA NIL LawyerAthlete Defender is a law firm and not a sports or marketing agency.

Jason Setchen has been an active attorney for over 20 years and Athlete Defender has worked with collegiate and professional athletes for over a decade. We have closely followed recent developments in state, federal, and NCAA legislation with respect to a student-athlete’s use of their own Name, Image, and Likeness (“NIL”).

The NCAA now allows college athletes to earn money by using their own name, image, and likeness for profit. This development has changed the landscape of collegiate sports forever. The new augmentation creates countless innovative opportunities for male and female collegiate athletes to earn income from their NIL while engaged in college athletics.

There are some restrictions called “guard rails” regarding how student-athletes are permitted to benefit from this monumental rule change and strict compliance with new bylaws is necessary to ensure that student-athletes do not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility.

The new NCAA NIL legislation will also undoubtedly cause confusion for compliance personnel and student-athletes alike especially at the early stages of implementation. Before engaging in any activity to benefit from NIL, student-athletes should consult with the NCAA, your institution’s compliance department, and consider retaining independent counsel. After all, with the passage of NIL legislation, your collegiate athletic career increased in value and YOU and your NIL may now potentially have financial value to protect.

NIL Opportunities

Signing a Contract for an NCAA Name, Image, Likeness LawyerOpportunities for student-athletes to earn income from their NIL are plentiful and can include participation in product advertisements and placement in print ads, television ads, and with radio appearances as well as billboards. Social media also will present a new frontier for student-athletes to monetize exposure and gain financial opportunity through NIL. Student-athletes may also be in a position to receive appearance fees at stores, venues, and events and may also be able to engage in other ways like participation in autograph signings and offering paid private coaching sessions.

Consulting with an attorney before engaging in any business venture is always recommended whether you are an athlete or a layperson. Engaging in the business of monetizing your NIL is no exception especially because of very real NCAA compliance and eligibility considerations.

If you are a current or prospective NCAA student-athlete and believe that you may be in a position to financially benefit from your NIL now that this groundbreaking NCAA legislation was passed, you should consult with an experienced NCAA attorney.

NCAA Athlete Representation for NIL

Athlete Defender can aid NCAA student-athletes with NIL issues in some of the following ways:

  • Interfacing with school compliance officers and offering support in documenting the NIL relationship to ensure that they are NCAA compliant and do not pose a risk to NCAA eligibility.
  • Representing student-athletes in disciplinary and enforcement actions brought by the NCAA or a member institution in connection with alleged improper usage of NIL or non-compliance with NIL legislation.
  • Providing contract drafting, contract review, and offering legal advice where appropriate when entering into an approved NIL relationship with business partners and/or appropriate third parties.
  • Providing representation and advocacy for student-athletes in all facets of NCAA NIL related compliance and enforcement.
  • Providing assistance and counseling to student-athletes about how to benefit from their NIL in compliance with NCAA Legislation.
  • Drafting and/or reviewing of business documents that will likely accompany NIL related business relationships.
  • Providing legal representation in connection with the collection of money earned but not paid for work performed by a student-athlete by a business partner or third party (Breach of Contract).

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Professional Athlete Advocacy and More

Jason Setchen has worked with many professional athletes in all aspects of legal representation.  Jason is not a sports agent and does not provide contract advisory services with respect to professional contracts.  However, Jason has represented professional athletes in disputes with coaches, teams, and leagues and has handled player disputes against agents.  Jason has also successfully handled and defended professional athletes in investigations and administrative disciplinary actions brought forth by teams and leagues.  Athlete Defender advocates for athletes at all levels including at the professional sports level of the administrative process.

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