NCAA Athlete Defense Attorney and NCAA Transfer Lawyer Services

NCAA Defense Lawyer

In some instances, the best defense is a good offense. Athlete Defender can and will gain an understanding of your situation and provide you with an opportunity to have an advocate guide you through the proceedings. We have an extraordinary amount of experience, and we have assisted many well-known athletes.

We have experience in all different types of situations that arise within college athletic programs. If you have been accused of some type of NCAA misconduct, an NCAA athlete defense attorney from our firm can step up to the plate to provide assistance. We also represent clients that need an NCAA athlete defense lawyer to respond to allegations that are stemming from ongoing investigations being conducted by colleges or universities or by the NCAA itself.

If you have a coach that has engaged in abusive behavior, it can be hard to come forward on your own. On the other hand, if you have an NCAA athlete defense attorney by your side, you can go forward with confidence and take steps to put an end to the abuse. When you have the courage to do this, you are doing right by yourself, and you are also helping other athletes that have experienced the same things.

NCAA Transfer Attorney

If you have accepted a college athletic scholarship, there are some very complex rules that can be difficult to understand without the appropriate legal guidance. You are essentially signing a year-to-year contract when you accept a scholarship. This can be a major problem if you decide that you would like to transfer to another college or university. Our firm can provide you with sound representation if you ever want to tap into the expertise of an NCAA transfer lawyer. NCAA rules control your ability to transfer. Under certain circumstances, your school can object and interfere with your ability you transfer. You may have a right to appeal such actions and retaining an NCAA attorney can help you navigate the NCAA transfer restrictions.

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We are here to help if you would like to discuss a legal situation with an NCAA transfer attorney or an NCCA athlete defense lawyer. You can get in touch with us by phone at 305-856-4044, and there is a contact form on this website you can use if you would prefer to reach out to us electronically. Any communication will remain confidential.

Professional Athlete Advocacy and More

Jason Setchen has worked with many professional athletes in all aspects of legal representation.  Jason is not a sports agent and does not provide contract advisory services with respect to professional contracts.  However, Jason has represented professional athletes in disputes with coaches, teams, and leagues and has handled player disputes against agents.  Jason has also successfully handled and defended professional athletes in investigations and administrative disciplinary actions brought forth by teams and leagues.  Athlete Defender advocates for athletes at all levels including at the professional sports level of the administrative process.

About Athlete Defender

Many times athletes find themselves being treated unfairly and feel as though they do not have “a voice” or independent support when encountering a disciplinary or administrative situation with their school, conference or an administrative governing body or league like the NCAA, NFL, NBA or other sports league.

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