Coach and Athletics Administration Representation

Basketball Coach with TeamIf you are a high school or collegiate coach or administrator and you are a target, subject, person of interest or witness in an enforcement or infractions matter, you should immediately consider securing experienced legal representation. Too many times, coaches or administrators engage in the infractions process without their own legal representation and regret having done so. If you are a target, subject, or person of interest to a potential enforcement or infractions action, even as a witness, you should consider contacting Athlete Defender immediately. Depending on the institution and the circumstances, your employer may agree to pay all or a portion of your legal fees.

In addition to representing athletes, Jason Setchen has represented athletic administrators, including Athletic Directors, as well as prominent assistant and head coaches in connection with enforcement and infractions investigations. Whether an investigation is initiated by the NCAA or your institution, you should consider engaging legal counsel at the earliest point possible. Jason Setchen has considerable experience advocating for clients at all levels of professional and amateur sports and has worked on countless high-profile matters. His work includes almost every phase of the enforcement process including representation at administrative hearings before member institutions and the NCAA. Jason has also advised coaches and administrators over the years on an array of topics including navigating the complexities of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) landscape. Jason’s well documented legal representation of professional and amateur athletes, which spans over more than a decade, provides him with the unique ability to understand many of the evolving challenges coaches face on a daily basis.

Basketball Coach with TeamJason Setchen is a trial lawyer. Unlike some other attorneys working in collegiate sports law, Jason has over twenty-five years of active courtroom experience and is an experienced litigator. This experience serves Jason well in representing student-athletes, coaches, and administrators alike, especially in the event that the presented matter has wider implications.

If you are an athletic administrator, coach or student-athlete and you need legal counsel call Athlete Defender today to schedule a consultation at 305-856-4044, or email us.

Professional Athlete Advocacy and More

Jason Setchen has worked with many professional athletes in all aspects of legal representation.  Jason is not a sports agent and does not provide contract advisory services with respect to professional contracts.  However, Jason has represented professional athletes in disputes with coaches, teams, and leagues and has handled player disputes against agents.  Jason has also successfully handled and defended professional athletes in investigations and administrative disciplinary actions brought forth by teams and leagues.  Athlete Defender advocates for athletes at all levels including at the professional sports level of the administrative process.

About Athlete Defender

Many times athletes find themselves being treated unfairly and feel as though they do not have “a voice” or independent support when encountering a disciplinary or administrative situation with their school, conference or an administrative governing body or league like the NCAA, NFL, NBA or other sports league.

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